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Why Live in Irish Country Side?

Posted by admin on May 27, 2014
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Living in a rural setting is quite different from living in an urban setting, and with that in mind, there are many things you should keep in mind about living in the country.

countryside industryThe countryside is a workplace not a theme park, industries including farmers, foresters and miners, so they and all they bring–equipment, vehicles etc–will be ever present. 

In urban areas, hedges are seen purely as boundaries and a fence against neighbours and the outside world. Neatness and security remain supreme. In the countryside, they are also the living quarters for birds and wildlife so need to be left to grow more freely and cut (or hacked) less frequently to allow for nesting and as a quiet haven for their residents.

hedgesCountry people are generally far more sociable and friendly. They will wave to you, stop for a chat, even call round when you’re new to the area with some fresh veggies or a pint of milk. Don’t treat this as suspicious behaviour. When you meet someone on a country path greet them and if they pass your country abode on foot or perhaps on a mountain bike give them a wave.